Mapping Workflow, Keeping Your Sanity for the Extra Long Projects

Posted by on Dec 2, 2011 in Past Stories

If you’re even reading this right now it’s because you use Hammer editor, and know that is can be a black vortex of your time. Knowing how to work through a project without giving Hammer too much of your time is always a wonderful thing to do. You could be spending that time on having a life in the great outdoors, or making another level in hammer. So with that you are the artist, and that newly created map file is your canvas. Lets turn it into something...

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Hammer hot key list

Posted by on Dec 1, 2011 in Past Stories

There are many hotkeys in Hammer that can help you turn the blank map into a wonderful masterpiece in no time. Hammer does give you a list of most of then in various places, but some are completely hidden and have little, to no way to be found. Tools ⇧ Shift+S Selection Tool ⇧ Shift+G Magnify Tool ⇧ Shift+C Camera Tool ⇧ Shift+E Entity Tool ⇧ Shift+B Block Tool ⇧ Shift+A Texture Application Tool ⇧ Shift+T Apply Current Texture (to selected brush\es) ⇧ Shift+D Decal Tool...

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