So for my mod, Portal 2 Lab Rat, we needed some basic brushes turned into models. There is already a tool for this, Propper. It’s a modified VBSP that spits out a model instead of a BSP.

The tool has been out since Source 2007, and has been updated to work with Source 2009. Yet, there is no Portal 2 support (As well as no L4D2 support). So I’ve spent some time working on this little thing to make this easier on us Portal 2 mappers.

At its core this is no more than 2 BAT files to make some folders and fire some commands. But it acts as a wizard and holds your hand through the model creation process. There will be some bugs, I doubt I will update this tool much, if you find something to break it let me know and I’ll do my best to patch it up.

Disclaimer: This tool modifies certain environmental variables in the Windows operating system. I am not responsible, and will NOT help you fix it if it breaks anything. Use this tool at your own risk.

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