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After spending over 10 years in the level design and 3D art community, I was able to get a 3D printer. I instantly fell in love with the machines. They now keep me busy along with my education and primary work.


This is a personal passion that I love to share and show other people. With that I'm hoping to use this to spread the awesomeness that is 3D printing.


My goal is to provide you with high quality, affordable prints. My prices are typically significantly lower than other online services, like MakeXYZ; in most situations parts are ready in 1-3 days! I also have the ability to process orders from 1 piece to hundreds.


I am located in the Villa Park area. If you're local to the area, we can arrange a pickup or drop off. If you are not local to the area prints can be shipped to your location. If you're interested, please read on and contact me for a quote!


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Made to order prints

Have files you need printed? I can print files found all across the web. From www.thingiverse.com to something you may have made yourself. If you are able to provide the model file, odds are I can print it for you!

If this is what you’re looking for contact below!

Are you designing your own mechanical part to be printed?
Make sure to consider the design rules for 3D printing noted here. 

Art meets design

Does the thing you’re looking for not exist? Using industry leading CAD and modeling software I can help bring your ideas to life!

Contact below for a quote!


If you’d prefer to email me directly, you can do so using: Doug@THW3D.com

Please keep in mind I am not a business, just someone who loves to share my passion of 3D printing. It may take a day or so to get a response from me!

IMPORTANT: I am no longer located in the Bloomington / Normal area. Prints can be shipped to you if you are interested.

Optional. may be used for contact
Please provide some information on the part you need printed, or what you need designed. Also include what your use case is if possible. For instance "I plan to use this clip in my car." or "This will be a decoration sitting on my shelf."
If you are having a part printed, please specify what color you would like. If unsure, leave blank and we can figure it out later!
Each material has specific properties depending on your use case. Most every day objects will be printed using PLA. If unsure, leave blank.
Are you local to the area and want to pick up the item? If not, I can ship the item as well.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Upload your model files, if any. Allowed Types: jpg, stl, obj, png. Due to security reasons archive files (zip) are not allowed.

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