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there are a few tutorial series to choose from – but they are all worth viewing!

Hello, and welcome to the V2 Hammer Tutorial Series! This series was created to teach someone with no Hammer experience how to use the tools to create levels for Source Engine. You can watch them in any order, but they were made to be watched in order. The icon to the right of the name shows what game the tutorial works for.

  • source All Source Engine Games
  • l4d2 Left 4 Dead 2
  • l4d Left 4 Dead
  • hl2 Half-Life 2
  • gmod Garrys Mod
  • dod Day of Defeat Source
  • css Counter-Strike Source
  • csgo Counter-Strike Global Offensive
  • tf2 Team Fortress 2
  • portal2 Portal 2
  • portal Portal

Please sit back, and enjoy the V2 series. I have put a lot of time into this series to make it the highest quality possible. If you would like to request a tutorial, you can do so at the bottom of this page. If you would like to see what tutorials are in the queue to be made, please click here.

To download the VMFs/BSPs for the tutorials, please click here.

  1. Launching Hammer, initial configuration, making a roomsource
  2. Adding a sky to your levelsource
  3. Getting intimate with brush tool, and introduction to clipping toolsource
  4. Leakssource
  5. Introduction to Propssource
  6. Basic Optimizationsource
  7. Vertex Tool, Primitive Prefab Creationsource
  8. Complete Lighting Tutorialsource
  9. Displacementssource
  10. Adding Water to Your Levelsource
  11. Adding Doors to Your Levelsource
  12. Basic Inputs and Outputssource
  13. Creating Custom Textures, Normals, VMTs, Packing a Level’s Contentsource
  14. Env_Cubemaps, Static Reflections, Reflective Texturessource
  15. Creating a 3D Skyboxsource
  16. Adding Fog to Your Levelsource
  17. Color Correctionsource
  18. Func_Movelinear Basicsource
  19. Parenting, attachment pointssource
  20. Func_Rotating, Making fans and things spinsource Some games may have issues with this entity.
  21. Optimizationsource
  22. Complete Sound Implementationsource
  23. Texture Manipulationsource
  24. Infodecal and Info_overlaysource
  25. Hostage + Defusal Game Modes and Radar / Overviewsource
  26. Will it blend? Blendmodulatesource
  27. What in TARnation, Terri Auto Radarsource

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Learning to model for Source Engine can be a large mountain to climb. Hopefully this series can make it a bit easier on you.

My First Prop

This 3 part mini series was created to give you a quick jump start on creating your very first prop for Source Engine in 3dsmax. The tutorials were created using CS:GO, but they will work for all Source Engine games.

  1. My First Source Prop Part 1 – Modeling source
  2. My First Source Prop Part 2 – Texturing source
  3. My First Source Prop Part 3 – Exporting source

Beginners Guide

The Beginners Guide series is a more indepth guide to learning 3dsmax.

  1. Introduction to 3dsmax
  2. Creating and Editing Geometry
  3. Creating and Editing Splines
  4. Creating a Simple Lamp Model
  5. UVW Unwrap Modifier (UV Unwrapping)

General 3dsmax Tutorials

These are general, one off tutorials for 3dsmax.

  1. Basic Install of WallWorm Model Tools
  2. Exporting a Model (prop_static) into Source Engine

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Hammer Trouble Shooting is a small side series that I’ve started to show what steps I take when I help someone with an issue. To qualify to have your issues on Hammer Trouble Shooting, please email me your question or issue using the form located here. The game icon that is next to the video shows the game that the issues was resolved in.

  1. Cubemaps won’t buildcss
  2. Vertex Points Moving Around On Save/Compilesource
  3. Shadows on Displacement Edgescsgo

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The First tutorial series was my launching point for getting better at mapping. Not only did I learn a lot from making it, but I like to think that many others learned something from the series as well. The series was flawed in that is was not structured, and lacked quality control. But you may notice that the further along in the series you are, the better quality they get. Example is the 100th tutorial, it heavily reflects how the V2 series was created. You can view the entire series below. Just be warned that some of the information in these videos may not be correct, or even work any longer. Please watch at your own risk. I attempt to support all of these tutorials, but cannot due to time. Please watch the V2 series of tutorials up above.

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