Create Your Own CS:GO Props – My First Source Prop Part 3 – Exporting

Welcome to My First Source Prop! Here you’ll learn my workflow for getting props from a new 3dsmax file into Source Engine! You can use the time codes in the description to see exactly what parts you want!
Creating Collision Mesh: 00:13
Exporting Box to Source with WallWorm: 1:28
Creating VMT for box in VMT_EDITOR: 4:47
Exporting Barrel to Source with WallWorm: 7:24
Creating VMT for Barrel in VMT_EDITOR: 8:31
Exporting Barrel and Box to Source as 1 Prop + Concave CM: 14:37
Placing Props in Hammer: 20:02
WallWorm Model Tools:
AO Production Render Preset (LONG TIME):…
AO Test Render Preset:…
Substance Source Package:…