Hello! Welcome to my site! You’ve mostly likely come here to learn about Source Engine level design. To me this design is personal, so here is some information on me.

My name is Douglas, I’m a 20-something Computer Science Major with a focus in networking. I’ve been working with Source Engine’s tools, mostly level design, since October, 2005. I’ve learned a large amount about the tools, and have decided to share my knowledge on the subject. When I first started working with the tools there was not much in the way of help and documentation. As someone who is just starting on this was beyond frustrating . I’ve spent a large amount of my time creating a library of tutorials and tools to make development easier.

You can find all of the tutorials in the Request & View Tutorials page. This is the heart of this website, and the page that you’ll spend the most time on. I hope you enjoy your stay here and learn enough to get started in working with the level design tools that have been provided.

If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me here.

Happy Mapping!