Deathrun_Recon, Counter-Strike: Source

Hay! did you here that? This. Now. is our only chance to make our break for it and to live! the terrorists will claim many of us, but maby, just maby. one of us will met with the “recon” squad with our guns and we can kill these terrorists! NOW, GO! make your self known of the Recon Squad! RUN, for LIFE! FREEDOM! and REVENGE!!!!

in dr_recon you can run through the 15 fun and balanced traps to go get those terrorists. you can try to find the 5 secrets of this map to make it more fun so have fun and enjoy!!!

in this new version of the map there are many glitches and new things to do: Fixed 2nd trap, slowed path breaking, sped up traps to increase gameplay,(U-turn trap) easier to pass, added a secret, changed map size by taking out some music from 3 tracks to 1, removed first breaking panel by CT spawn because it killed too many people, fixed 3 sets of 2 trap, fixed secret problems, fixed cklist overflow with secrets and traps, fixed secrets (again) fixed traps Fixed CKlist Overflows

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