Real World Textures

I was making a map was was like “Wow, there are no good textures for a real feel!” so this was brought into my head! these are ALL hi-res textures. Most are bump mapped, Some are refracts. these were made in Adobe Photoshop CS3 from Pictures I took, and from MISC online sources. They are ALL correct VMTs with reflections and Specs. it took me a long time to make these, I hope you enjoy them!

– Over 540 Textures (543 To be exact!)
– 3 Blend Textures.
– 192 Bump maps
¤ Made with Crazy Bump
– 10 Refracting Glass textures
– Hi-Res
-VTF count (including Bump maps):
¤ 21: 1024×1024
¤ 597: 512×512
¤ 130: 256×256
¤ 5: Under 256×256

Maps Used in:

Terms of use:
-You credit me in the map, and FPSB post
-You dont take credit for yourself
(option)-PM me a map link when done.

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