RealWorldTextures 2

Real World Textures 2 is finially here! This is my sequal to the hit “Real World Textures” pack and it’s bigger and better!


  • 2,003 VTF files
  • 725 of those are Normal Maps
  • 1,142 total textures for use in Hammer

This pack has taken a lot of time to make, so any comments would be great! If you like the pack please donate so I can keep on this stuff kind of stuff!

How to install:

Place the RealWorldTextures2 folder into your game/materials folder. DO NOT remove any folders from the the directory.

Terms of Use:

  • You must credit me, TopHATTwaffle, in the map that uses these.
  • You can not take credit for them.
Textures created by FilterForge, using filters from: 
  • angelboiii
  • MichaelTannock
  • Crapadilla
  • truman
  • jitspoe
  • Sphinx
  • Kochubey
  • jitspoe
  • Totte
  • BenBeckwith
  • Constantin Malkov
  • emme
  • Mike Blackney
  • Fran Davey
  • jitspoe
  • Vladimir Golovin

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