VIDE – Valve Integrated Development Environment


Hammer Splitter Editor

…allows for the changing of Hammer viewport draw distances beyond Hammer’s built-in options. It also allows viewport types to easily be changed, and includes the option for the Logical (Entity Flowchart) viewport type not selectable in Hammer.

Package Viewer

…a simple clone of GCFScape. Can read BSP, GCF, NCF, and VPK files.

Particle Editor

…the most complex tool VIDE has to offer. Allows for the manipulation of PCFs, including quick generation of particle manifests, verification of unique element GUIDs across multiple files, movement of systems between files, and conversion between the three most common PCF formats.

VBSP Editor

…a simple form for structured editing of VBSP files.

VMT Editor

…a simple tool for the interactive construction of VMT files.

Mass VMT Editor

…quickly edit VMT files by the thousands. Options include the change of Shaders and the addition and removal of Parameters and Proxies. For any VTF file selected, a skeleton VMT will be created if one doesn’t already exist.

VTF Editor

…converts plain images to and from VTF files with ease. Options exist to control most every VTF aspect, including, but not limited to, manipulating individual mipmaps, frames, faces, and sides and experimental sprite sheet coordinate tweaking.

Mass VTF Editor

…similar to the above, this tool is capable of editing numerous VTF files with minimal effort.

BSP Info

…provides more interaction with Valve BSP files. The tool translates the file header into a table of human readable values and allows for the extracting and replacing of file lumps.

Entity Lump Editor

…a reincarnation of Entspy with an improved filter and ability to import from BSP, LMP, and VMF and export as LMP and VMF.

Pakfile Lump Editor

…another reincarnation, this one of Pakrat with a few improved features, such as more reliable scanning of a wider variety of content, more control over what is scanned for, extracting the Pak as an uncompressed ZIP, and showing more statistics about the contents of the Pak.

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