Ba_Jail_Abandoned, Counter-Strike: Source

This is a brand new layout for a jailbreak map. its not electric, its new! The CTs have captured the Ts and have brought them to a abandoned island by boat. there is no escape! But the Ts can try to wreck the CTs life as they have wrecked theirs. The CTs have stuffed the Ts in small, dirty cells. no bathroom, only 2 beds, and a bad light that shakes. Features: – 3 Mini Games ¤ Button Panic Source: 30 Platforms, only 2 will remain ¤ Target Shooting: Complete with score, time, and targets spawned counter ¤ Rock Paper Scissors: Do i need to explain? – 3D Skybox – Cubemaps – New Armory layout – Swinging lights – Beach feel – Many secrets – Full kitchen – Oversized Big cage for bigger servers – 70+ Spawns – VIP Cell – Medic room – Special Armory doors – Console commands to help new players learn the map This is a pretty good JB map, and i hope to see it on some servers!

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