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Do you have what it takes to stop the AI from killing you before you can fix it? In this exciting DLC package for Portal 2 you will navigate detailed test chambers on your quest to stop the AI! If you make it, there is a special surprise at the end of the test!

There are 5 amazing new single player maps, and a new co-op map to play with your friends! If you test with a friend, and they hire that friend, they will give $1000 to you!

Download and Install Instructions:

Verify Portal 2’s game cache. Open Steam, navigate to Library then right click on “Portal 2” then go to properties. Once properties is open, click on the Local Files tab, then click “verify integrity of game cache”.

Windows Users, download the windows installer, and follow the instructions. When asked to choose a file path, choose the directory where Steam is installed. When the wizard completes there will the be an icon on your desktop. Double-click this icon to launch the mod.

Mac Users / Manual Windows Install, download then extract the manual.zip archive.
For Windows: Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Portal 2
For OSX: Browse to ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/portal 2/

Next rename “update” to “update.old”. Next place the extracted “portal2_dlc3” and “update” folders into this same location. To verify they should be in the same place as “portal2_dlc2” and “portal2_dlc1”

To revert back to playing Portal 2, rename the “update” folder to “update.wibi” and rename “update.old” back to “update”. Then rename “portal2_dlc3″ to “portal2_dlc3.wibi”. You can repeat this as necessary to switch back and forth.

Once installed, make sure Steam is running and Portal 2 is fully updated, then either double click on the desktop icon if you used the installer or launch Portal2 as normal if you used the .zip

You can also visit the Offical WibiData Webpage

  • 1.1 Version
  • 278.03 MB / 348.7 MB / 217.77 MB File Size
  • December 2, 2017 Last Updated
  • MD5: 6e1b90f9b9560daa376cb6438942417c
    MD5: 41160f44bcb55f2ccfb793a9ed2b7651
    MD5: b8d2c5ba3e9afb8c55219a5517181dfd

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