VMT Editor

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Visual editor for .vmt files, written in C++ and Qt.

The Windows releases include all dependencies, just extract the zip and launch the editor!


  • Simple and fast VMT creation with parameters separated in groups
  • Parameter and texture validation for existing VMT files
  • Support for VMT templates
  • Automatic conversion of bitmaps to VTF, including smart alpha channel removal and renaming
  • Automatic sorting of dropped bitmaps
  • One click reconversion of all bitmaps used in the VMT
  • Support for combining diffuse or normal map with a custom alpha channel – used for specular or reflection masks
  • Batch VTF and VMT creation
  • Blend tool texture generation, including support for 4 way blend and blend modulate
  • Support for latest CS:GO parameters such as layer blend
  • 1.3.9 Version
  • 10.09 MB File Size
  • December 2, 2017 Last Updated
  • MD5: 1eea202815bedf8250daa2b2a8b62fd0

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